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  21-06-2016; New drummer.

Our drummer Douwe has decided to leave the band due to his hearing problems. His involvement will not end completely; Douwe will continue to write lyrics for us. The search for a successor was a short one. We are very excited to already announce our new drummer: welcome Rowie! New pics coming soon.

  17-02-2016; Additional guitarist.

We're adding a second axeman to the band. From now on, Johan will be sharing guitar duties with Jeffrey Zwart!

  07-01-2016; Drink (with) us!

You may have heard of Motörhead whiskey, but now there's another band with its own drink: heavy metal bar De Witte Wolf in Groningen is naming a drink after us! For one whole year you can listen to Beyond Existence while drinking Beyond Existence! How awesome is that?

  24-10-2015; Halloween.

We will be playing a special Halloween themed gig at De Spil in Assen on the 31st of October. Bring your own pumpkins!

  03-08-2015; Gig.

The 29th of August we will be playing at Rockin' Gasoline at the Benzinebar in Groningen.

  17-05-2015; New singer.

We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new band member to our lineup! Our new singer Kelly has been rehearsing with us for a few weeks now and everything sounds very promising. We are very excited about this new development and we will be updating the site with some new pictures and hopefully more news soon. Stay tuned!

  16-03-2015; Interview.

We've been interviewed by Swedish blogger Robex Lundgren. Read it here!

  24-12-2014; Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

  20-07-2013; More videos.

Check out our videos page or our YouTube channel for some videos of our gig at Opblaaspop last Saturday.

  24-06-2013; Pics and videos.

Some pics of our gig in Marum can be found here on our Facebook page and a video made during the Battle for Knoalrock last friday has been posted here on YouTube. Check it out!

  25-05-2013; More gigs.

We have been selected to participate in The Battle For Knoalrock in Fox in Stadskanaal on the 21st of June. Be there!

  20-05-2013; And another one.

We will also play a gig at the Cultura Marum festival in Marum, the 15th of June! For more info, check the festival website here.

  19-05-2013; New gig confirmed.

The 13th of July we will be playing at the Opblaaspop festival in Stadskanaal. More info on the exact location and other details will follow later!

  02-05-2013; Live pics.

We have posted some photos of our gig last Tuesday on Facebook. Check it out here!

  28-04-2013; New guitarists.

Those who will be attending our gig at the Koninginnedagbraderie in Sappemeer next Tuesday will have the privilege of witnessing the first public appearance of Beyond Existence with two new band members! That's right; we finally managed to find not just one, but two new guitarists. So, welcome on board: Johan and Patch!

  22-04-2013; New video.

We are pleased to announce the release of our new videoclip for the track "The Gunman of Willow Grove" from our Rising Tide EP. Recorded more or less for fun in only about fifteen minutes, it actually turned out fairly decent; so we decided to make it available to view for everyone!
  Head over to our videos page to check it out, or watch it in full size on YouTube. Enjoy!

  21-04-2013; Facebook.

In anticipation of some upcoming bigger news items we finally created a Beyond Existence Facebook page! Check it out here and stay tuned for more news!

  25-03-2013; Gig confirmed.

The 30th of April, on Koninginnedag (Queen's Day), we will be playing a gig in Sappemeer as part of the Koninginnedagbraderie. We are scheduled to hit the stage around 15:00 at the eastern end of the braderie, near the Slochterstraat.
  For more info, click here.

  27-01-2013; Guitarist wanted.

We are still looking for a new guitar player. So, if you know of anyone who might be interested, be sure to pass this news on to them! For more information you can always contact us at beyondexistence@live.nl

  07-01-2013; E-mail issues.

We have had some problems with receiving e-mail on our e-mail adress (beyondexistence@live.nl), but everything should now be working fine again. So, if we haven't responded to an e-mail you've sent us during the past few weeks, please try sending it again now.

  29-12-2012; New year, new website!

Hey there everybody! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Check out all the new stuff and don't forget to join us on YouTube, Twitter and all those other hip networks that are all the rage!
  Also, it's still a few days early, but we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a totally awesome, amazing, happy new year! Rock on!